Well this is the draft plan, but we thought you’d want an idea of what’s going on at NettleFest sooner rather than later, so here it is. We’ll update the programme as soon as more information becomes available:

Wecome to NettleFest 2021 with Gav Forager


Know your Nettles with Mike, Intrepid Forager

Learn how to identify common species of nettle living in your neighbourhood. Yes, there’s more than one – and they don’t all sting!


Nettles for wildlife and mythology

Cooking demo

Sam will be showing us how to make nettle pasta, and how to cook it to make a tasty, nutritious meal.

Nettle nutrition with Hannah from Totally Wild UK

Hannah talks about the main nutritional benefits of of nettles, nutritional composition and a comparison to other wild plants and conventional greens; The traditional and cultural uses of nettle as a food to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Medicinal nettles with Kim from Handmade Apothecary

Kim explores the multitude of historic and modern uses of nettles for medicine. Hear about urtification therapy (beating yourself with nettles) to more painless remedies and recipes that can be made at home. 

Nettle cords and crafting

Shane will be giving us illustrated talk demonstrating ancient craft techniques using nettle to make twined and coiled hedgerow basketry items.
NOTE: Make sure to bring some string and scissors to the demo so you can practice Shane’s techniques!

Nettles as a textile and seed carrier

Vega will be exploring the importance of green spaces in urban environments and investigating methods to use textiles as a form of seed carrier. Nettles hold the great properties of not only having strong fibres but naturally being biodegradable. A perfect combination to create paper seed blankets for guerrilla gardening. Vega will be discussing her findings and showing off the beautiful skill of nettle paper making. 

Nettle teas and seasonings

Theresa and Effat explore the traditional Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients in Effat’s Persian cuisine and talks about nettle leaves. Effat discovers the best sources of nutrients in talking about her latest nettle Tea and infusion to Theresa.

Nettle cocktails with Mark Williams, Sarah Watson and Leanne Townsend

Mark teaches us about the surprising flavours that we can extract from nettles, and how to make use them to make tasty cocktails, including the Nettle Gimlet.

Leanne will demonstrate a wild cocktail using nettle as the key wild ingredient. Leanne’s cocktail will be a “Smoke and Stingers”.

Sarah makes her Elderflower Stinger Sour and chats about ways to use nettles in drinks. Gather the ingredients and make it with her! You’ll need a pinch of fresh, washed nettle tips; gin; elderflower cordial; fresh lemon juice; cold water; soda water and ice.

Closing with Gav Forager

Nettle song from Rachel Lambert

Singing is a timeless and feel-good way to come together. Songs can tell stories, relay important cultural information and express emotion. Rachel has created a series of plant songs to tell of their qualities and uses. Songs always seem to quicken learning, bring smiles (and occasionally cringes) and laughter!


Please note that timings are indicative and may vary during the event.