Nettle Fest Norway

Date: July, 8th 
Place:  Ryghsetra Bakken

Address: Ryghseterveien 33, 3050 Mjøndalen
Mapa: Display
Start / End: We start in the morning, but since this is our first day we do this, we thought it would be OK to visit the festival at 4pm Norwegian time.
  • 12000 nettles retting in the lake “Hagatjern”.
  • Food & Drinks nettle menu
  • Handcrafts
Stream: Experiences with retting nettles in water

Dear Nettle family!


This summer we were going to hold a live broadcast on 8 July while we were water retting nettles in Norway. Unfortunately, the Internet was too unstable for that to be possible. But here comes the video about the retting! We continued retting until the August – September (!), and I’m afraid the video offers more questions than answers. It is not meant to be an instructional video, but shares experiences with retting nettles in water. Unfortunately, it gets poor quality at the start on Youtube, – I have no idea why it’s like that. When I watch it on TV / PC here at home, it works just fine…

Soon we will prepare some of the nettles and then see the RESULTS of the retting. The main preparation will be done in the spring of 2023.

I will add material to the blog in the future, so stay tuned, stay tuned! Greetings Fride (and Kristine and Aud)